Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow dogs?

We love all things fuzzy. However we can only have pups on our patio. 

Is the show all ages?

Unless specifically stated on the ticket page, our events are all ages.

Can I bring outside food?

We put a lot of work into building an incredible menu of from-scratch hand-tossed pizzes, hand-pattied burgers, fresh-never-frozen JUMBO wings and more delciousness. As a result we'll confiscate any foods you bring in and feed them to the brewmaster.

What time does your kitchen close?

Typically 60 minutes before we stop pouring the beers. We don't have much of a say, they have knives in the kitchen, we just have delicious beer.

Do you have any gluten-free beer?

According to science, no. However, we have lots of gluten free options for other adult beverages. 

How can I book my band (comedy act/magic show/murder mystery/interpretive dance ensemble) at Cult Classic?

Fill out this form if you fancy. 

Who do I contact about being a vendor at the World's Greatest KI Farmers' Market every Thursday at 3:30pm?

Why, that would be Diane Bedlin. 
She can be mailed electronically at

Contact Us

We're here pretty much all of the time, but we can never remember where we left the phone.


1169 Shopping Center Rd
Stevensville, MD 21666

TUE - THU: 11am to 11pm
FRI - SAT: 11am to Midnight
Sunday: 11am to 10pm 
Monday - 4pm to 10pm

P.S. - The Kitchen closes 1 hour before we lock the taps.

(410) 980-8097