Turning an empty supermarket into a brewery

Welcome to the saga of Cult Classic Brewing.

Wow… you got here early. We’re not exactly ready for guests just yet but we’d love to show you what’s going on!

We’re just beginning construction for the brewery. Between building time and waiting for brewery permits, we expect to be open for business in the spring or summer of 2018. As things move along we’ll post updates, photos, end the occasional video so you can keep up with our progress.

Cult Classic Brewing is taking over a building that used to be an Acme Supermarket. It’s been vacant for almost a decade. Here’s a look at the building before we start doing anything with it.

You can still see scars on the floor where the old supermarket aisles used to stand.

Gloomy, right? Very few of the lights work anymore. The supermarket lighting was controlled by a 1980’s-era electronic timer that gave up the ghost long ago. Not worth fixing it though since the drop ceiling & lights will be demolished soon.

Behind the rear wall. The doors on the right lead out to the deli, and off to the right is the loading dock. Straight ahead lay the remnants of the meat department coolers. Above them is a mezzanine with offices, the electrical room, and the store’s massive HVAC unit.

This is the old air conditioning compressor up in the mezzanine. Those refrigerant pipes are 2-1/2″ diameter! I’d be terrified to learn how much electricity it uses. Fortunately it’s getting replaced with a new, and much more efficient, air conditioning unit.

Up on the roof. This is the old dish for the Acme’s computer network satellite, and you can see racks that used to hold refrigeration units for the deli/meat/seafood cases and refrigerated/frozen food aisles. They’ll make it that much easier to install our brewery glycol chiller. 

Thanks to Katherine Gaines of AmbientEye Photography for these shots

So what are we doing first?
This weekend we’re coordinating everything needed to move the brewhouse into our new location.

A new, larger door was required so the construction crew has been cutting a hole in the wall. Since we’ve got to chop a hole anyway, the thought is to install a door that’s big enough for anything we can imagine purchasing over the next decade or two. This, of course, leads to much daydreaming about the future – and looking up dimensions of equipment we can only dream of at the moment.


4 Replies to “Turning an empty supermarket into a brewery”

    1. That’s what I call extreme marketing – but we should *at least* wait until the ramp is finished because driving away in a new car where your first move is driving off a 28-inch drop can seriously reduce the value of your prize.

  1. Shopped there many years, about time there will be some great craft beer brewed on K.I. ?
    Congrats to all, can’t wait ?

    1. I miss ACME, but very excited that something new and fresh is coming to Kent Island. Maybe now the rest of that Shopping Center can fill up with nice retail stores.

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