Tornado on the Island

A tornado did some damage near the brewery last Monday. Those of you familiar with the area will realize that tornadoes are pretty unusual around here! We suffered some minor damage to the building, but nothing to complain about compared to other homes and business that were severely damaged or destroyed – our hearts go out to those who fared worse in this event.

Some of the area’s primary power lines run right behind us and they were blown down… but fortunately fell away from the brewery instead of onto it! Again, it ended up being a minor event for us compared to the power loss everyone suffered. Delmarva Power had teams replacing lines & poles right away – we were astonished at the speed with which they got things back up and running.

You can see the rear of the brewery building on the left.

Thanks to everyone for all the concerned inquiries we received after the storm. Yes, we had a little damage but it’s minor and the building’s insurance is covering the repairs. Power’s back on and we’re currently working with architects and engineers to finalize our demolition & renovation plans.

Stay tuned!

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