Nice wall – now let’s cut a hole in it!

The construction team is busy at work (on a Sunday!) cutting a hole in the wall for our new equipment loading door.

This will lead directly into the heart of the brewery – right next to the brewhouse. We’ll be able to use this door to bring in large equipment like the brewhouse, fermenting tanks, and carbonation tanks. This is a much shorter path than the one from the rear truck loading doors, so we wouldn’t be forced to move everything whenever we buy a new piece of equipment.

Here you see the guys sawing a horizontal slot into the wall where they can slide in a reinforcing steel header before knocking out the blocks below it.

Ready to fit the first piece of steel header into place.

After the header is in place to support the wall above the door, it’s safe to start removing blocks.

Looking out. Instantly more ventilation than the building’s had in ten years and we’re loving it! The side parking lot will be a great place for outdoor festivities and with the door open everyone can watch the brewhouse in action.

After all the blocks are gone, a temporary plywood barrier is erected until the roll-up door is ready to be installed. This is also a great time to begin demolishing the 1970’s-era supermarket walls and ceiling tiles. Soon it’ll all be history – this new door will make it much easier to haul out demolition debris.

These guys have been fantastic to deal with – highly recommended.

I really need to do something about those weeds, right? Time to wind some new string onto the weed whacker.

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