Moving the Brewhouse

We got up super early this morning to pack up the brewhouse and get it shipped over to the brewery in Chester, MD.  Here’s a little clip of the brewhouse making its way over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and into the brewery parking lot.

And special thanks to Tim for more photos of the move:

The Lowboy trailer arrives. We need the lowest possible trailer or else the brewhouse is too tall for highway travel.

The Brewhouse gets lifted onto the truck almost as a single piece…

The Whirlpool/Hot Liquor Tank is loaded separately to remain within highway width restrictions.

Everything loaded and strapped down.

Then it’s a 20 minute drive across the bridge to the new brewery location…

Unloading the brewhouse

Unloading the Whirlpool/Hot Liquor Tank

And after some extreme maneuvering with the Genie boom lift – it’s all inside!

5 Replies to “Moving the Brewhouse”

  1. Are you all moving from somewhere else, or was this a new brewing system you picked up? Looking forward to a new brewery close to Annapolis!

    1. We have been running a home brew shop in Severna Park for 20 years… the brewery is a new venture. The equipment is brand-new, but had to be delivered before the ACME building was ready for it, so it was stored at the home brew shop until now.

      1. Jesse,
        I see you are moving along at the old Acme building. My company is a discount supplier of Propane and Heating Oil and I was wondering if I could be of service to you?

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