Concrete cutting

Work has begun on the concrete floor. The largest areas will be cut out to add sloped-floor drainage, others drains are being cut for restrooms, bar drains, and plumbing.

This machine does a lot of damage in the wrong hands… which is why I’m not allowed to touch it. The water-fed wet saw prevents choking everyone with concrete dust , then a shop-vac is used to suck up the leftover slurry.

This photo makes it look kind of like fresh snowfall, but that’s all the powdered concrete slurry resulting from the cuts.

The cuts give a clean edge to all the areas where concrete must be removed. Next, a jackhammer will be used to break up the unwanted areas, and then they’ll bring in a small backhoe or bulldozer to scoop up all the chunks.

Once we’re down to dirt, the dirt will be trenched for plumbing, and groomed to the desired pitch for sloped drain floors before fresh concrete is poured. Expect a lot of photos to come!

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