• DARK HOLLOWS REANIMATED 2021-10-30 17:00:00


    Oct 30, 2021 5:00:00 PM

    The Possession of Kent Asylum
    Official Government Broadcast
    Dateline: The Kent Asylum
    There has been a major security breach at an until-now, little known psychiatric facility and research center located on Kent Island, Maryland. Earlier this evening, a systematic malfunction of unknown origin caused the internal security grid to unlock all cells within the sector of the asylum designated as the Imposed Isolation Ward. The patients from within this sector have disbursed and are currently wandering the grounds of the facility.
    These patients suffer from a disorder that causes them to believe they are actual characters from cult horror films they may have been forced to watch during experimental trials and procedures. Officials have yet to determine the disorder’s true origins and the potential threat these individuals may present to the general public.
    Until the unfolding emergency is resolved, the government recommends local citizens lock themselves within their homes, avoid all contact with strangers, and report any alarming circumstances or behavior to the proper authorities. The immediate area around the asylum should be avoided at all costs. Lacking the ability to distinguish reality from fiction and having no cognitive or conscious control over their actions, the Kent Asylum escapees are considered to be armed and extremely dangerous.
    Extremely. Dangerous.
    We are offering two sets of trails.
    Post Sunset - Dark Hollows Reanimated Trail Monster Mash Party & Costume Contest
    Tours will operate from 6:15 PM - 10:00 PM
    Stay close to your Kent Asylum tour guide as your group makes their way through the madness. There will be tricks, treats (Beer from Cult Classic), and horror galore. After you’ve been thoroughly traumatized, join the other victims in the performance room for a MONSTER MASH of epic proportions. A costume contest will also ensue with over $500 worth of prizes, including CA$H! (details at the bottom).
    Pre Sunset - Dark Hollows Reanimated (Trick-or-Treat) Trail
    Kids deserve a great Halloween experience to stash away in those tiny memory banks, and that’s exactly what this is for! Strap a leash on your little monsters and bring them out to the Pre Sunset Trick-or-Treat Trail. Instead of scares, your wee people will recieve a candy packed, one of a kind, trick-or-treat experience. Plus, the Kent Asylum patients are a perfect pairing for some glorious golden hour picture taking. You’ll still want to stay close to your asylum guide, though. We wouldn’t want any children to go missing…
    We've got THE Party with CASH prizes and more for best overall costume, best couples costume, best group costume, best cult horror costume and funniest costume. We decided to eliminate the category for Least Legally Dressed.
    Professionals are taking a stroll down DARK HOLLOWS REANIMATED before they hit the dancefloor (admission included + drinks and scares in the tour package).