Building Permits are complete

It took a while to get together all the various licenses & permits for interior & exterior renovations, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, groundwater and wastewater… but now all that stuff has been approved… and Queen Anne’s County has signed off on our Construction Permit!

Visibly changes will start coming a lot quicker now, so we’ll have more photos to post as RE Construction swings into high gear starting with interior demolition. Stay tuned for messy, messy photos…

4 Replies to “Building Permits are complete”

  1. Can’t wait for your exciting new venture to open up on our Island. I’m sure it will be a great addition to everything else Kent Island has to offer.

    1. Thank you! We’re really excited to be making Kent Island the home for our new brewery – the assistance from Queen Anne’s County and the enthusiasm we’re hearing from the local folks are both really great.

  2. congrats Boys!!!!

    imagine my shock when walking into AHB & Jesse wasn’t there on a Saturday!!

    a new ownership sign and MANY new operating “faces”. best of luck to them…

    The final 2 questions arise… is it cold yet and do you “validate” toll charges?!?!?!?! 🙂 ROFL

    looking forward to making you my “local” as the brits say

    1. Cold…? You’d think this would be an easy one answer but the weather has been weird this year! One day it’s mid-60’s and the next it’s mid 30’s.

      For tolls though, I finally decided to stop in and buy an EZPASS and wish I’d done it sooner. Even if you don’t buy a discount package, the bridge (which is $4.00 cash) is only $2.50 with an EZPASS.

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