Moving the Brewhouse

We got up super early this morning to pack up the brewhouse and get it shipped over to the brewery in Chester, MD. ┬áHere’s a little clip of the brewhouse making its way over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and into the brewery parking lot.

And special thanks to Tim for more photos of the move:

The Lowboy trailer arrives. We need the lowest possible trailer or else the brewhouse is too tall for highway travel.

The Brewhouse gets lifted onto the truck almost as a single piece…

The Whirlpool/Hot Liquor Tank is loaded separately to remain within highway width restrictions.

Everything loaded and strapped down.

Then it’s a 20 minute drive across the bridge to the new brewery location…

Unloading the brewhouse

Unloading the Whirlpool/Hot Liquor Tank

And after some extreme maneuvering with the Genie boom lift – it’s all inside!