Concrete cutting

Work has begun on the concrete floor. The largest areas will be cut out to add sloped-floor drainage, others drains are being cut for restrooms, bar drains, and plumbing.

This machine does a lot of damage in the wrong hands… which is why I’m not allowed to touch it. The water-fed wet saw prevents choking everyone with concrete dust , then a shop-vac is used to suck up the leftover slurry.

This photo makes it look kind of like fresh snowfall, but that’s all the powdered concrete slurry resulting from the cuts.

The cuts give a clean edge to all the areas where concrete must be removed. Next, a jackhammer will be used to break up the unwanted areas, and then they’ll bring in a small backhoe or bulldozer to scoop up all the chunks.

Once we’re down to dirt, the dirt will be trenched for plumbing, and groomed to the desired pitch for sloped drain floors before fresh concrete is poured. Expect a lot of photos to come!

New trucks

We’ve got two new trucks at the brewery. A cargo box truck for beer deliveries, and a food truck (belonging to our partners) to serve the taproom and mobile events. Both of them will get vehicle wraps with the brewery logo.

Inside, the delivery truck is pretty boring but the food truck is very interesting. There’s a surprisingly full kitchen in there and the working space is… cozy. Whoever works in a food truck had better be on friendly terms.

There’s a lot of shrink wrap on appliances and boxes of utensils crammed in there, but once the food truck is a little more unpacked we’ll post some interior photos. I’m betting that everyone’s biggest question is, “What kind of food will be served?” and I’m wondering the same thing! But for now we all have to wait to find out.


Our New Beer Filter

Just in – more beer gear! This Diatomaceous Earth (DE for short) filter is good for about 350 gallons per hour. DE filters are versatile since they can work with a wide range of filter material. By varying the material used, we can filter some beers to brilliant clarity, while with others we can leave in some haze… depending on what looks and tastes best for that beer. Sometimes the hazy stuff is also part of the flavor… other times it needs to go!

Scraping up the old floor

The construction crew has been hard at work demolishing the old floor tiles. They’ve got a machine (thanks again to United Rentals!) that is basically a lawnmower for floor tiles. On one hand its amazing to see how fast it chops up floor tiles, on the other hand… cutting an 8″ wide path at a very slow walking speed means it’s still a lot of work to scrape 20,000 square feet of floor area!

Today the crew was chopping, shoveling, and carting tile debris out to the dumpsters, and I’m told they’ll be at it all day tomorrow before they expect to be finished.