We Have a Brewery Design!

Today we finally submitted all the required drawings for our building permit. Many thanks to Torchio Architects and SAI Engineering for bringing this together.

We’re really happy with the design. In the brewery we’ve got ┬ánice layout to keep our workflow organized plus plenty of room to expand production as required. The taproom has been divided into two rooms; one more like a bar and the other more like a performance space. We also ended up with a nice plan for the restrooms – The bigger our taproom areas the higher our occupancy rating, which leads to someone saying “you guys need to add more restrooms” so that became a project in itself.

And that big roll-up door in the brewery? It starts 28 inches above ground outside so it needs a ramp. We’ll want to be able to haul out our spent brewing grain with a forklift since the truck loading doors won’t be much help with that… unless we wanted to block one of the docks with a grain dumpster. Next thing you know, planning that ramp means you’re rearranging the parking spaces. Fortunately we still have a LOT of parking.

Soon the cutting and smashing will begin. There’s still a ton (probably literally) of old wiring and electrical panels leftover from the supermarket that have to come out. We’re eager to post some “clean slate” photos after demolition… and especially to start documenting all the construction. It’s been fun imagining this stuff on paper but seeing every drain, every light switch, every little fixture we agonized over come together in the real world.